Dr. Bruce A. Massee
Family Dentistry
Hi there. I am a single page holding this domain for Dr. Bruce Massee DDS. He has been practicing dentistry in downtown Bakersfield since Nov. 1 of 1982. He hasn't purchased one of those expensive beautiful websites all doctored up with staff who look like Hollywood models because he is just a common guy with a very competent staff doing his best effort to treat common folk decently. He is on most of the PPO lists, but none of the HMO lists. Call him at 661 324-0234 and he would love to see you. He is there most business hours of the work week and even a Saturday morning each month.

Contact Information
Email :
Phone : (661) 324-0234
Address :
Bruce A. Massee DDS
1731 26th Street
CA - 93301 - 2803
United States